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Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Planting Fresh Fruit for a Healthier You – Ken Lain

Early spring brings a sense of rejuvenation, vitality, and renewal. The revitalization gardeners witness from the fresh leaves and flowers in the gardens. The season also generates activity in plants that produce edibles, especially those fruit trees that flourish in the higher elevations of Arizona. But there is more to fruit trees than just a


Opinion: Think Twice Before Admitting Finland and Sweden to NATO – Inside Sources

It is an American trait to root for the underdog in any contest that pits David vs. Goliath. Therefore, it is understandable that most Americans (except for extreme MAGA types) are thrilled that Ukrainian forces have pushed the brutal, but hapless, Russian military away from Ukraine’s two largest cities and are gamely taking the fight

Climate Change

Climate change threatens fair and safe Winter Olympics in the future – Cronkite News

As the planet continues to warm and precipitation dwindles across the American Southwest, snow sports are becoming more difficult to pursue – for weekend warriors and competitive athletes alike. A Canadian study released this past winter projects that the Winter Olympic Games will be affected greatly by 2080 if the current pace of greenhouse gas

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: Are All Men Created Equal? – Patrick Buchanan

Ideology is political religion, said the conservative sage Russell Kirk. And what is the defining dogma of the political religion, or ideology, of America in 2022? Is it not that, “All men are created equal”? Yet, as with every religion, a basic question needs first to be asked and answered about this defining dogma of

School Shootings

Gunman’s final 90 minutes fuel questions about police delays

It was 11:28 a.m. when the Ford pickup slammed into a ditch behind the low-slung Texas school and the driver jumped out carrying an AR-15-style rifle. Twelve minutes after that, authorities say, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos was in the hallways of Robb Elementary School. Soon he entered a fourth-grade classroom. And there, he killed 19 schoolchildren

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